Solid Waste Pricing

  • All Construction, Demolition, General Waste and Municipal Solid Waste is at $66.50 dollars per ton. There is a ten dollar minimum charge.
  • For contaminated Soils, Call for pricing based on volume.
  • Pricing for other items listed to the left are stated on those pages or you may call the landfill at 906-786-9056

Special Wastes

Delta County Landfill is a Type 2 Landfill that cannot take liquids of any kind. Please see the Hazardous Waste section for more information on liquids.

  • Hazardous Waste. Please see Hazardous Waste section.
  • Demolitions must be inspected for Hazardous waste before the can be delivered to the landfill for disposal. A letter of inspection must accompany the first load . Call the Landfill for a copy of our Demo Policy.
  • Contaminated Soil must be pre approved. Call the landfill for further information on testing requirements and pricing.

Waste Drop Off Directions

Please follow these steps when dumping normal household trash:

  • 1. Slowly drive onto the scale on the west side of the building
  • 2. The scale attendant will record your full weight and give you the OK to dump
  • 3. Drive to the South side of the building
  • 4. Dump household trash only in the BLUE dumpsters
  • 5. Dump metal only in the RED dumpster
  • 6. Put Cardboard in the box labeled Cardboard only
  • 7. Return to the scale to get empty weight
  • 8. Enter building to pay fee

The above items in the left box can be disposed safely through our recycling programs. Please select the item that you want to recycle from the list on the left to see recycling instructions.

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Attention: We will be closed Thursday November 25, 2021 in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday

Effective: 17 December 2020 through 01 December 2021

Recycling Center is open for drop-off